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Saturday 31 October - Saturday 14 November

Queensland Theatre’s Mouthpiece

Stage luminary Christen O’Leary and Jayden Popik, in his Queensland Theatre debut, are set to reignite the Playhouse stage with Kieran Hurley’s startling, audacious and gripping play – a production that pushes past the politics with humour, hope and fight.

Mouthpiece is a bold collision of class, privilege, and power. Libby is a woman who has wasted her opportunities, while Declan is a young man who will never be offered any. He has a story, and she has the voice to tell it… but does she have the right to? When does inspiration become theft?

With Mouthpiecewinner of the 2019 Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award, playwright Kieran Hurley looks theatre squarely in the face, and challenges audiences to question the kinds of stories told and the power of the people who get to tell them. This is the kind of play that makes you wonder at the sheer imagination and skill of great theatre writing.

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Saturday 31 October - Saturday 14 November
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