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Friday 20 Noveber - Monday 3 May

QLD Museum’s Sea Monsters

Be one of the first in Queensland to experience Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Ocean Predators at Queensland Museum.

While dinosaurs may have ruled the land, giant marine reptiles hunted the depths of the sea.

The Sea Monsters exhibition brings together real fossils from millions of years ago and gigantic replicas including a 13-metre long Elasmosaurus and 9-metre long Prognathodon, alongside hands-on interactives, including a 180-degree immersive video that puts you right inside the action and much more.

What can their fossilised bones tell us about how they lived? How do they compare to today’s top ocean predators? Discover the secrets of these monsters of the deep in this new exhibition that will delight all ages!

Featuring research from Queensland Museum scientists that focusses on these ancient reptiles and spans the globe including Queensland, Norway, and beyond.

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Friday 20 Noveber - Monday 3 May
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