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Thursday 16 July - Thursday27 August

Kids Collective

Thursdays are once again taken care of, thanks to Kids Collective at South Bank Parklands.

The program boasts a series of specially curated children’s activities designed to entertain, educate and develop children; from musical play, to interactive drama, engaging craft workshops and more!


Music Beat – 16 July

Littlies will be hoppin’ and boppin’ as they singalong and dance to their favourite tunes. Children will have the opportunity to assist in music making, utilising a range of percussion instruments. The activity will conclude with quiet music and shared book time. This activity assists in confidence, creativity as well as fine and gross motor skills. To register for a session please – click here.

Bazil Grumble – 23 July

Bazil Grumble immerses children in storytelling and hands- on craft, inspiring both creativity and learning; allowing participants to imagine, communicate, co-operate and participate in a safe and supportive environment. To register for a session please – click here.

Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble – 30 July

Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble’s engaging activities will spark participants’ imagination, creativity, collaboration and confidence by showcasing a range of drama games, music and movement, story-telling, as well as costume and puppet-play. To register for a session please – click here.

Brisbane Square Libraries – 6 August

Join Brisbane Square Library as they share early literacy tips, interactive stories and songs. This workshop is designed to provide little ones with the initial tips and tricks for how to process big feels, in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Books to be read include, “The Worrysaurus” by Rachel Bright; “In my heart: a book of feelings” by Jo Witek; “A Book about Ruby’s Feeling’s” by Kate Knapp and “Sometimes I am Worried” by Marie Paruit. To register for a session please – click here.

Maggie Moo Music – 13 August

Maggie Moo Music offer exciting, interactive music and movement sessions for young ones. During the workshop children will have the opportunity to sing, dance, play games and explore different instruments and materials whilst engaging in a whole range of developmental skills, such as memory, language, coordination and confidence. Registration opening soon via this page. To register for a session please – click here.

Dance Pointe – 20 August

Sprinkle some dancing happiness and let your little one discover their creative potential at Dance Pointe’s interactive dance class. First littlies will take part in Fairy Ballet, then skip through a magical forest to find a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, concluding in a groovy robot dance. To register for a session please – click here.

Lemonade Kids – 27 August

Take part in the fundamental principles of yoga, including the body, the breath and the mind. Littlies will move, stretch, breathe, practice mindfulness, play yoga games and enjoy engaging story-telling. To register for a session please – click here.

For more information, click here.

Thursday 16 July - Thursday27 August
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