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Sunday 25 July

Great Inventions

Composers throughout the ages are always trying to find a way to create something new for their audiences.

But every now and again, ‘new’ is not enough! In this entertaining concert, we will feature a selection of music by the great composers, each one marked by a truly unique attempt to try something different. For instance, Beethoven wrote the second movement of his Eighth Symphony to sound like a new invention of his day – the metronome!

Haydn also was inspired by the mechanical world – his famous Symphony No. 101 has a delightful ticking melody in the second movement that earned it the nickname ‘The Clock’.

In another inventive approach, Debussy sought to mimic the sound of Indonesian Gamelan music in his Pagodes from Estampes. There are other surprises, but we don’t want to spoil all of them – so come along and enjoy this magical experience with us.

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Sunday 25 July
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