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Swamp Juice

Bickering snails, neurotic snakes, opera singing mice and a cranky man out to capture a bird: welcome to a swamp like no other! Using jaw dropping shadow puppets made from househol

A German Life

Australian acting royalty, Robyn Nevin (The Matrix, The Castle), gives the performance of her career in the critically acclaimed play by Christopher Hampton, A German Life. Directe

Emil and The Detectives

Never underestimate the determination of a child! Young Emil catches a train to visit family in the big city, when a sinister stranger steals something valuable. But the thief soon

Song to Symphony

Even though music for orchestra can sometimes be perceived as complex and elaborate, some of the greatest compositions drew on simple tunes of the day. Our final Music on Sundays c

Shakespearean Classics

William Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest playwright of all time because his stories speak so much to universal human emotion and experiences. In his comedies, tragedies and

Mozart and Brahms

There are times when we want orchestral music to take us on journeys that are dramatic and stormy, but then there are times when we crave the opposite. Brahms had proved he could d

Great Inventions

Composers throughout the ages are always trying to find a way to create something new for their audiences. But every now and again, ‘new’ is not enough! In this enterta

Four Last Songs

Music is uniquely placed to provide comfort and solace when other things cannot, and the final music composed by Richard Strauss is a breathtaking example. At the age of 84, shortl