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Buddha Birth Day Festival

Since 1997, the Buddha Birth Day Festival has grown into one of Queensland’s most prestigious cultural events and is now recognised as the largest annual Buddhist Birth Day Festiva


The Sound Society Pat Tierney

Australian roots troubadour Pat Tierney’s music nestles somewhere between the inspiring sounds of Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder and Bob Marley. A hint of folk and blues with a splash of reg


The Sound Society Electrik Lemonade

Electrik Lemonade plays a repertoire of funk, hip hop, blues, soul and dance music. Drawing on a unique blend of influences while combining their comedic, fun attitude toward life,


The Sound Society My Nightingale

My Nightgale is a Brisbane based, indie-folk band. Bringing together diverse backgrounds from Australia, Finland, Sweden and America, expect soul-soothing tunes with luscious vocal


The Sound Society Hailey Calvert

Owning a bluesy, powerful voice and a lyrically honest writing style has earned Brisbane’s Hailey Calvert many fans as well as turning her into a festival favourite. Winner of the


The Sound Society Sky Eater

Hailing from Brisbane, Sky Eater are a duo passionate about fun and quirky, energetic and soulful performances. Think ukuleles meet live-looping, vocals, sax, keys, clarinet, melod


The Sound Society Killed By Drone

Take a bunch of drone, glitch, orchestral and ambient patterns written on workstations from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, sample them and add live loop them with live


The Sound Society Hayley Marsten

“Sweetheart, I ain’t playing second fiddle”. It’s the opening declaration on Hayley Marsten’s brassy second release, Lonestar, and a statement you’d be a fool to doubt. The Gladsto