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QAGOMA’s summer blockbuster exhibition explores water in all its states and across the globe, sustaining and connecting life. From major immersive experiences to smaller-scale work

Picasso your Pet at Cork & Chroma

If you loved Cork & Chroma’s Paint A Portrait: Picasso Style sessions, you’ll LOVE their Picasso Your Pet session! In this fun, abstract session, you’ll bring your pet’s

Family Paint by Cork & Chroma

Join Cork & Chroma for a Family Paint session and paint a delicious, Andy Warhol inspired cupcake! With guidance from an artist and your imagination, you’ll each paint on your

Drinky Drawy by Cork & Chroma

Join Cork & Chroma’s two hour Drinky Drawy session on Wedensday, June 19! Begin the evening with some mark making warm ups, then move into a few drawing games, and finish

Jon Molvig Maverick

Jon Molvig (1923-70) spent the greater part of his productive life in Brisbane where he dominated the art scene into the late 1960s. Brisbane was the catalyst for his major work, p

Young Designers Market

The Young Designers Market features cutting edge designs across a range of exciting fashion, jewellery, home design, prints and much more from up to 80 talented new designers. Shop

The Collective Markets

The Collective Markets is a platform for creative entrepreneurs, emerging designers, creatives and vintage collectors to showcase their wares in Brisbane’s premier cultural and rec