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Wizard’s Den

Get your wands ready! We’re calling on all the witches and wizards of Brisbane because a wizard-themed pop-up bar is at South Bank.

That’s right, you can immerse yourself in a magical experience filled to the brim with sorcery, spells and delicious concoctions at The Wizard’s Den.

We’re talking getting your best Hogwarts attire on and learning the ancient art of potion making in an other-worldly 90-minute session. With each session, you can look forward to 90-minutes of pure potion making fun. Become a master of wizardry as you conjure up multiple potion brews, while cackling and stirring your cauldron away.

What are you waiting for? Hop on your broomsticks and get ready to be transported into a world where you master the dark arts and brew devilish concoctions.

Grab your tickets here.

Price: $ $ $

Atmosphere: Vibrant / Fun, Casual

S1B, Little Stanley Street, South Bank, QLD 4101

Today : See session times on website

Weekdays : See session times on website
Weekends : See session times on website

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Harry Potter themed, cocktail making, theatrical

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