MySweetopia Switches Beans

MySweetopia would like the coffee snobs of Brisbane to know that they have officially switched beans.

As of today, Renegade Roasters is the official coffee supplier to MySweetopia.

Renegade’s philosophy is ‘just good coffee’. Allow us to break it down…



Renegade’s coffee is fair trade. Their beans are sourced from a range of ethical coffee plantations that grow high quality coffee without exploiting labour or the land. You can rest assured that coffee growers have been paid a fair price. Buying from these plantations it is possible for growers and workers to get a higher return.



Renegade believes that it is important to give back and support those in need. Renegade donates $1 per kilogram from every retail sale of coffee through Kiva low interest loans.  You can find out more about these projects here.



Renegade’s coffee is organic and high quality. Beans are grown without pesticides and chemicals before being harvested and roasted by hand. By handling each bean with care, Renegade is able to maximise the antioxidant and caffeine potency. After arriving at the Renegade warehouse, the beans are expertly roasted to ensure maximum flavour.


Coffee with a conscience. We’ll drink to that. MySweetopia is open today from 5:40am until 2:40pm.

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