Our 48 hour post-Easter detox

Q1: Did you eat Easter eggs for breakfast on one or more occasions?

Q2: Have your habits of the last few days broken your New Year’s resolution to eat cleanly?

Q3: Did you try any or all of the following treats: Nitrogenie’s Creme Egg ice cream, Doughnut Time’s Easter doughnuts, Mysweetopia’s red velvet cupcakes, Max Brenner’s Not Cross BunStokehouse’s Easter bombe or The Charming Squire’s stuffed and baked brioche marmalade, dark chocolate and custard Hot Cross Bun?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may want to join us in this two day post-Easter detox. We have sourced brekkies, lunches and dinners that will satisfy and nourish your body. After all, it is a temple.

Detox Day 1
Brekkie: Pure Eden smoothie from Boost
Dairy free, gluten free and under 200 calories if you order a medium size! The Pure Eden is a refreshing blend of lemon, spinach, coconut water, grapes, apple, cucumber, kale, mint, pineapple, banana, ice + an an All Greens booster.

Lunch: Poke bowl or sushi burrito from Suki
That’s right, Suki is opening its doors after Easter. Expect poke bowls or sushi burrito rolls brimming with superfoods. Choose between eight types of fish, bamboo rice (brown rice infused with bamboo extract), quinoa, kale, black rice and freshly cut vegetables. Register now on their website to receive 25% off your first poke bowl or sushi burrito.

Dinner: Spanish tapas at Ole
Ole has just launched their new menu and it is PACKED with fresh and flavourful bites. To start, opt for their spiced almonds plus some freshly shucked oysters with Pedro Ximénez vinegar and chives. Follow it with an order of ‘Gambas’ aka Grilled Qld prawns with morcilla, parsnip purée and lemon dressing. Still hungry? Their roasted chicken breast with pipperada and zucchini is hearty and healthy, especially when eaten with a side of roasted veggies, chickpeas and goat’s cheese.

Detox Day 2
Brekkie: Protein balls + freshly squeezed juice from dot.Espresso
Protein, protein, protein! The dot team makes protein balls from scratch using a range of raw, sustaining ingredients including dates, almonds, coconut, LSA, ginger, almonds and cranberries. Order a freshly squeezed juice to wash it all down. Dose up on Vitamin C and antioxidants by choosing their Flu Fighter juice, which is a combo of fresh oranges and ginger.

Lunch: Lebanese wrap from Baba Ganouj
Baba Ganouj has just opened the doors to its shiny, newly renovated location on Little Stanley Street. Order a traditional Lebanese wrap for lunch. Our pick? The falafel wrap, filled with tomato, parsley, pickles, mint, tahini sauce and (of course) homemade falafel.

Dinner: Goi Ga chicken salad from Viet de Lites
Steamed chicken is mixed with fresh salad, herbs and sesame seeds. Become a walking, talking cliche and ask for the dressing on the side.

Why not throw on some activewear and try some free fitness classes?! Click here for the full weekly program of Medibank Feel Good classes. We’re loving their yoga, Zumba and Ballet Fit classes.

Psst… you can now park for just $5 every Monday to Thursday night from 5pm.

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