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Garam Masala

Experiment with spice this Winter

Add an extra dimension to your winter cooking with the inclusion of an aromatic spice. Gandhi Indian Kitchen’s chefs are constantly experimenting with a range of exotic spices, and have shared their top five spices for the cooler months … 

Turmeric powder
Turmeric powder gives a natural colour and flavour to food. It has medicinal value, anti-depressant qualities and is filled with antioxidants. Turmeric is also said to help with Alzheimer’s disease and improve memory. Turmeric is added to Gandhi Indian Kitchen’s onion bhaji, yellow dhal tadka, coconut fish and coconut rice.

Red chilli (powder and whole)
This spice needs no introduction! Chilli also has medicinal value and is a good source of vitamin C. Gandhi Indian Kitchen uses chilli in a number of dishes, including the lamb or beef vindaloo, butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. If you can’t handle the heat, ask the friendly team to make you a mild curry.

Cumin (powder and whole)
Cumin’s nutty, peppery flavour packs a punch and is a key component of curry powder. Cumin is a good source of iron, vitamins and other minerals. It is usually used added in most curries, such as Gandhi’s lamb rogan josh and both the beef and chicken korma.

Fresh ginger or dry ginger powder
Considered by many to be a universal medicine! Ginger aids digestion and nausea, and helps treat morning sickness for pregnant women. Fresh ginger is used in all curries at Gandhi. Dry ginger is the main ingredient in many dishes, but is especially important for the date and tamarind chutney and lamb kofta.

Whole garam masala
Whole garam masala consists of cloves, green cardamom, black cardamom, bay leaves and cinnamon. This mix of spices has numerous health benefits that are well documented. Cloves are a very aromatic and flavourful. Cardamom contains chemicals that appear to treat stomach and intestinal problems, increasing movement of food through the intestine. Garam masala is usually used in slow-cooked curries such as lamb rogan josh and korma, and is also used for making pilau rice.

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