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Aquitaine’s Pickled Grape Clafoutis

Decadent, light and a little bit tangy, Aquitaine’s pickled grape clafoutis is sure to tickle your fancy. Test out your skills and have your guests begging for more at your next dinner party.

Pickled Grape Clafoutis

Portion size: Serves 8

Prep time : 1hr

Cooking time: 25mins


240g Almond meal

60g Cornflour

420g Sugar

8 eggs

4 yolks

100ml cream

140g Butter

200g Pickled grapes

Salt flakes


Sift all dry ingredients into a bowl (Leaving 20g of sugar to line tray ), add a pinch of salt then add whole eggs and yolks slowly, add the cream the lastly add 120g of melted butter, Whisk until combined. Chill for 10 mins

Grease a fluted baking tray (Approx. 10cm wide 20cm long 4cm deep) with the remaining 20g of butter the sift sugar on to tray to create a crust, once done place 100g of pickled grapes onto tray then pour cake batter over leaving 1cm from the top of the rim. Place remaining 100g of grapes on top, Then place in oven at 175 degrees for approx. 25 mins until a knife comes clean.


Spiced Mascarpone


200g Mascarpone

50g Icing sugar

5g 4 spice

100g cream


Combine with whisk till soft peak.


Pickled Grape


200g seedless red grapes

100g sugar

55ml White wine vinegar

10g Ginger

1 cinnimon quill

1 clove


Bring sugar, vinegar, cinnamon, cloves to boil, remove from heat steep for mins grapes and allow to cool.

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Cuisine: French

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