5 New Dishes to Try This Summer

Our round-up of the top dishes you need to sample this season …

1. Enjoy the Finer Things at Aquitaine Brasserie
If there is one thing the French know how to do well it’s indulge, which is exactly what you’ll do at Aquitaine Brasserie. Enjoy the cool summer breeze by the river as you peruse the menu – we’re loving the double-smoked lamb rump with glazed baby beetroot, pickled onion, sheep yoghurt and puffed quinoa.

2. Freshen Up at South Bank Beer Garden
It’s not all meaty goodness at Southbank Beer Garden – for a lighter option go for the thyme-roasted pumpkin and quinoa salad.

3. SUKI Serves Up Edible Rainbows
Suki’s colourful poke bowls and sushi burritos exude summer vibes as they are filled with your choice of protein, an abundance of fresh produce and zesty sauce.

4. Soak Up Sunny Mornings with Denim Co.
Make the most of long summer days by waking up with a little ray of sunshine. Denim Co.’s light and fresh breakfast menu is perfect for balmy weather, with dishes such as the crunchy granola with creamy Greek yoghurt, berries and honey.

5. Feast On Turkish Delights at Ahmet’s
Craving an exotic summer holiday without the airfare? Transport yourself to Turkey with a visit to Ahmet’s – be sure to order the lamb and bulgur kofte while you’re there.

Take me to Aquitaine Brasserie and South Bank Beer Garden and Suki and Denim Co. and Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant

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