River Quay

During South Bank's earlier days, its land was predominantly used for farming and agriculture. Fastforward to the 1860s and 1870s and suddenly South Bank (or South Brisbane as it was still known then) has a booming population, providing a strong local market for produce and the continuation of its agricultural industry. By 1930, South Bank was renowned as a bustling industrial zone and river port that was alive with markets, wharves, and theatres.

Today, there’s a poignant reason why South Bank is considered one of Queensland’s most spectacular must-visit destinations, and these reasons are personified in River Quay. Framed by pristine Parklands and offset by the glistening Brisbane River, The River Quay concept was conceived out of a desire to extend the spectacular riverside landscape and capitalise on the lush, urban oasis-style of South Bank’s precinct. Designed by award-winning Brisbane architects Arkhefield and landscape architects Cardno S.P.L.A.T, River Quay provides a welcome escape from the bustling pace of Brisbane’s CBD.

River Quay's picturesque beauty isn’t the only thing that sets this precinct apart; adorning the river’s edge are five of Brisbane’s premiere dining destinations, who continue on South Bank’s long history of agricultural integrity. Stokehouse Q, Aquitaine Brasserie, Popolo Italian Kitchen and Bar, The Jetty, and Cove Bar + Dining complete the riverfront experience, each offering up their own distinctive cuisine style while all sharing a passion for and focus on the local food community. Each River Quay restaurant aims to source local produce and encourage sustainability in their practices to further the love of food in the local community.

The River Quay Green is constantly celebrated as an unsurpassable destination for riverfront events in Brisbane’s cultural heart, which is why it has also played host to many events including Regional Flavours, Brisbane Festival, and Sunday Sessions on the Green. From the sweeping green of the outdoor amphitheatre to the stunning Brisbane skyline, there’s nowhere else in Brisbane that you can appreciate its natural vistas so magnificently.

Note: River Quay Green is a wet licensed area, meaning you can consume alcohol there between 10am and 8pm daily. Please note however, that to consume alcohol at South Bank, you must be 18+, drink responsibly, and you must have food to accompany your drinks.

River Quay


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