Little Stanley Street

The fundamental appeal of Little Stanley Street lies in its eclectic and exotic food offering across more than 30 distinct dining destinations. Lined with an abundance of funky cafes, cool concepts, and gourmet restaurants to enliven even the most exotic palates, Little Stanley Street has become an integral part of Brisbane’s modern dining landscape. Each café and restaurant skilfully masters a different culinary art, arousing a reputation of finery and diversity that you won’t find anywhere else in Brisbane.

A stroll from end to end will bring you face to face with plentiful Spanish fare set against a vibrant backdrop (that gets more vivacious as the hours tick by), sumptuous banquets that transport you to a Turkish caravanserai, quaint coffee haunts with life-giving caffeinated elixir, Parisian hideaways with express lunches and ambrosial crème brulee, American diners with all-you-can-drink coffee and shakes to go, quirky bars with on-tap craft beers, plus many, many more appetising restaurants and cafes that are waiting to provide you with mouth-watering sustenance from breakfast to dinner and beyond.

Set against this inviting culinary journey are also services and facilities on hand to make your visit to South Bank that much easier and more enjoyable. On Little Stanley Street you’ll find nifty bike maintenance tools to keep your ride in tip-top shape including air pumps and screwdrivers – and it’s all free to use. You can also enter the South Bank car park’s two entrances via Little Stanley Street, adding maximum convenience to your visit.

Find your new favourite foodie haven along Little Stanley Street.

South Bank Corporation recognises the traditional owners of the lands at South Bank, the Turrbal and Yuggera people. We also pay our respects to their elders, past and present, and the elders from other communities who visit from time to time

Little Stanley Street



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